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The Malabar medical college blood bank was established in 2009 and since its inception has strived to maintain quality blood banking procedures at affordable rates. Initially the blood bank operated with just a handful of technicians and one doctor and the service was primarily concentrated on the supply of whole blood. Gradually, we advanced in the Use of latest technology and now our blood bank has state of the art component separation facilities and strict quality control procedures. We also have round the clock technicians to enable blood issue without delay.

In addition our blood bank also has a proud group of committed students under the BLOOD DONORS FORUM "RUBRO"- Who strives to provide voluntary non-remunerated blood donation when patients are unable to arrange donors, especially in case of medical emergencies

Whole Blood Contains

  • Red blood cells for transport of oxygen to tissues
  • White blood cells for defending infection
  • Plasma containing proteins and other biomolecules

Compatibility testing is required for transfusion of whole blood

Packaged red blood cells (PRBCs)

PRBCs are prepared from whole blood by removing plasma from collection bag. They may be transfused in treatment of anemia resulting from diseases like kidney failure, gastrointestinal bleeding or blood loss due to trauma or surgery. Donor red blood cells must be compatible with recipients plasma

Platelet concentrate

Platelet concentrate is obtained by separation from collected unit of whole blood and is stored suspended in a small amount of plasma, platelets are essential for prevention of bleeding and normal homeostasis. Platelet transfusion is indicated for treatment in bleeding due to decreased circulating platelet count.

Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)

FFP is prepared from whole blood and is stored in -80°C. FFP serves as a source of plasma proteins for patients who are deficient in plasma proteins .FPFIT is given in case of: Bleeding, clotting abnormalities, TTP, HUS, factor deficiencies, DIC etc.


“Cryo” is the precipitated protein portion that results after thawing FFP. Cryoprecipitated antihemophilic factor (AHF) contains coagulation Factor VIII, Factor XIII, Fibrinogen, WF and fibronectin.

TRANSFUSION Transmitted infections (TTI)

  • Advanced 4th generation methodology for HIV detection
  • HCV & HBsAg detection by 3rd generation kit
  • Malaria -both card tests & thick smear examination
  • Syphilis-VDRL/RPR method

Blood grouping & Rh status confirmations

  • Blood grouping- both forward and reverse grouping.
  • By latest gel card technique
  • Rh determination by gel card technique
  • Du testing -both gel card &manual method

Screening of irregular antibodies &sub groups

Antibodies in blood other than regularly present anti-A, Anti-B antibodies are called irregular antibodies. These may cause transfusion reactions. Our blood bank has facility to detect these irregular antibodies.

Other investigations

  • Direct coomb’s test
  • Indirect coomb’s test
  • Cross matching-gel card technique

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Our values are PATIENT first

  • P-Patient First
  • A-Accessibility
  • T - Team Work
  • I-Integrity
  • E-Empathy
  • N-Newness
  • T-Translucency
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